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About Islam


What happen with Amrosi cs? What about Imam Samudra? Are they
terrorist? Yes. Is Moslem terrorist? No. Islam is not terrorist.
Amrosi and the other just misunderstood about Islam. Amrosi cs thought
they will get reward to bomb the hotel in Bali. Islam never ask Moslem
to kill the other religion. Mohamed ever says: Someone never bothers
Moslem is Moslem. And someone never bothers all of human is believer
in Islam (Believer). So, someone doesn't bother everyone is more
glory. So why many Moslem were very sad in Amrosi's village when they
burryed him? Yeah, cause Amrosi is their brother, their friend. They
felt pity cause Amrosi misunderstood about Islam. Islam is very peace.
Islam respect everybody. Even anybody is not Moslem. When Mohamed was
alive, he was ever late to finish his pray. Many friend of Mohamed was
very surprise to look this situation. So one of the friend of Muhamed
ask Muhammad, "Why were we late to finish our pray, oh Rasulullah?".
Muhammed answer, "Because Ali rodiAllohuanhu wants to follow our pray.
He was late to came to this mosque just now". Late cause a non Moslem
old man. Ali (a nevew of Muhammad) very respected that old man. An old
man was in the way. They were in a very narrow path. Ali ought to walk
slowly cause that old man. Ali felt pity to push that old man in that
narrow path. He loved that old man. Mohammed knew this case. That's
why Mohamed finished their pray later. Cause Muhamed respect Ali who
love an old man. Even he is an unbeliever, even an old man is not

We can think about colonialism. Dutch ever occupy Indonesia for hundred
years. Dutch was the Christian community at that time. America also
ever occupy Vietnam, Japan ever occupy Chine, Indonesia and the other.
But we have to know, that Dutch colonized Indonesia not by the
religion. But by the Government or by country leader. So Christian is not
terrorist too. Same with Islam, Islam never teach someone to become a
terrorist. Islam teach to be a good way. I admire Islam very much. Not
because I don't know about Christian. I know it so much. But many
explains in Gospel are not logically. And I find nothing un logically
in Koran (Al Qur'an). I find many rightness in it. That's why I choose
Islam. I write this article so that non Moslem understand about Islam.
Although non Moslem won't to be come a believer in Islam. But don't
disguise Islam before know. If we a clever man, we should to take many
case, we watch it, we think a lot about it, we make an experiment, and
we make a conclusion about it. Don't hate Islam before know it very
well, if you a clever man. The point, Islam is a religion logically
and the best way to be a good man in this word and hereafter.

Ali walked before an old man. Walk slowly although would late to
attend the praying in the mosque. Mohammad knew it, an he agree. We
can make a conclusion that Islam resfect non Moslim very much. Mohamed
never angry with Ali. More ever Mohammed make his praying slowly just to
wait for Ali attending. Nowadays I look this peacement in my town, in
Panyabungan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. There is 0,5 percent non Moslem
in my town. They are Christian. They can live peacefully among Moslem.
Christian's villages around my town are: Aek Bingke, Simanondong,
Lumpin, Huta Dame, Pagaran, Janji Matogu, Humbang, Pakantan, Lumban
Pinasa, Aek Badak, and the others. But Moslem never attack them
although their community only 0,5 percent. Moslem let them to pray in
their church. Minority Christian can live very well among Moslem. I
realize that Islam is very good. Only Jews always misunderstand about
Moslem. There is a verse in Koran. "For u ur religion, and for me my
religion". Islam never asks the Moslem attack Christian. Islam is very
good. Islam is the best religion. Whoever think that  Moslem hates
non Moslem. It is not true. Although Imam Samudra is a terrorist, but
Islam never becomes a terrorist. Imam Samudra is a man, not a
religion. In the else religion, there is also a terrorist. We should
watch the religion, not the man. Please study Islam, so that you know
that Islam is the Golden way. The best way forward God. God who
created this word long time ago. I am Mr. Tanjung panyabungan. Thank you


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